Jaleel Health Consultancy is the first healthcare consultancy firm in Somalia which is dedicated to serve the Somali People in terms of healthcare consultations; both the beneficiaries and providers of healthcare services, become a platform for awareness through public forums and publications, solving for public health issues and be the source of Somalia’s health data for others to utilize and make decisions upon them.

At Jaleel HC we place a premium on the satisfaction of our clients and we are keen on enabling our clients the right access to the best choice of medical treatment available. We always take pleasure in providing our corporate clients (health beneficiaries and health providers) with innovative and cost-effective solutions for corporate clients through our unique expertise in the field of healthcare consultancies and solutions.

Our Mission

Our mission is to ensure effective access to health consultations to both Health Providers and Health Beneficiaries and to be the source of Somalia’s health data. Every individual in our community, whether a health beneficiary or a health provider, deserves sound, accurate and up to date healthcare consultations.

Our Vision

Our vision is to ensure the availability of the highest quality healthcare at an affordable price to deliver better values for healthcare clients.

Our Values

Service excellence and

Our client is a priority and our reason for existence.

Integrity and

We do the right thing regardless of the consequences


Research and knowledge translation both are central to our approaches to bring healthy changes.

Efficiency and

We strive to deliver our services to the intended users in an efficient and effective manner

Dedication and

We take pride in serving our clients to the best and the highest standards possible taking into account public health principles for excellence

Accountability and

Whilst carrying out our activities, we continue to be mindful of the fact that the responsibility of our actions do rest with us and relax.


We remain committed to promoting the sense of teamwork, collaboration and cohesion within our workplace so that our work can fit the basic needs of our clients.


For our clients to become more strong and confident, we are determined to increase the levels of their autonomy, self-determination, and self-reliance.


We are passionate about growing our business locally and globally.


We value innovative ideas and relentless efforts with the aim of continually improving our business processes.

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